Christine Arylo & The Feminine Wisdom Way presents...

The Annual "Crazy Wisdom" Ritual

a Co-Creative Process for Connecting into Deeper Wisdom & Focusing on What Matters to Complete the Year


What You Will Experience:

  • When you register, you'll receive access to the Feminine Wisdom Way Guidebook for the Crazy Wisdom Ritual - this will guide you through the 4 part process.
  • Part One: We activate your feminine power of Crazy Wisdom - The ability to explore, trust, speak and act from your deep heart wisdom even if it seems crazy or stretches you out of your comfort zone
  • Part Two: We take you through a creative process that opens up access to your intuition, imagination and the larger field of insight.
  • Part Three & Four: You set yourself up to end this year and start the next centered, strong, and sustained. Learn how to set a path from now through February 1st that creates spaciousness, replenishment, and meaningful connection and empowers you to focus on and complete what matters this year, and reflow the rest.

This is the 8th year we have hosted this ritual. We keep doing it because it works!

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"The courage and clarity to make choices that are right for you come from the deep, feminine wisdom within you willing to shake up the status quo to stay true to yourself."

- Christine Arylo, MBA, Leadership Advisor & Teacher, Founder of The Feminine Wisdom Way

What is Crazy Wisdom?

"Within the awakened heart of every woman is a super power called "Crazy Wisdom." This super power gives you the courage and clarity you need to make choices that are right and true for you, even if they differ from what everyone else is doing, defy logic, and fly in the face of the way things have always been done. Crazy Wisdom isn't reckless; it is rooted in the deep intuitive place within you that knows what is right, real and aligned for you.

The Feminine Super Power of Crazy Wisdom is the willingness to explore, trust, speak, and act from your deep heart wisdom over conventional wisdom or outside intelligence even if it seems crazy, irrational, improbable, or irresponsible or stretches you outside of your comfort zone."

(from Overwhelmed and Over: Embrace your Power to Stay Centered & Sustained in a Chaotic World by Christine Arylo)