An interactive workshop for conscious
women who desire to make an impact in the world, support others & achieve success
without having to sacrifice their wellness, relationships or needs.

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Cultivating Sustainability for Yourself in a World That Needs So Much

My intention is that you gain practical wisdom & insight that supports you to make more self-sustaining, self-empowered, wise choices professionally & personally.

In this Wisdom Session, we explore models, wisdom, and practices that illuminate new ways of showing up for the people, the planet, & the purposes and causes we care about. In ways that empower us to stay sustained & supported ourselves.

It's time we stopped doing more with less. It's time that those who support the wellness & success of others and those who do good work in the world receive the support, resources & value they need to stay sustained, be supported and live well.

There's a different way to do things.
Let's explore how, together. In this session we'll dive into:

  • Root reasons why it’s so challenging to maintain balance and self-care in the current world and work reality  – why it’s not your fault and where your power is to create more sustainable realities.
  • 3 kinds of ‘self-created’ burnout you have more power to shift than you know - that cause us to over-work, over-give, over promise and over-caretake and under-receive what we need.
  • Warning signals that you (and others) are sliding into burnout, over-extending or over-care-taking, or creating unhealthy time pressure - so you can reset, replenish and re-design.
  • Practices for releasing pressure, preventing burnout, transforming overwhelm, working in intensity and uncertainty, and staying centered  - that can be incorporated into your days and weeks to keep you centered, sustained and clear within the swirl.
  • How we can give energy, care, time to the missions, purposes, causes and needs in the world without depleting ourselves - so we can support people and planet, without burning ourselves out.  
  • Setting healthy boundaries in ways that lead us individually and collectively to breakthrough to new ways of constellating our family, team, organization and societal systems - this is the challenging part + the place where the real change happens.

The "wisdom-led leadership" principles and practices we'll explore empower us to Do Less. Receive More. AND Make a Greater Impact. They are the HOW we show up for and support the people & causes that matter to us, without making ourselves sick, taking too much on, and sacrificing our own wellness, relationships and needs.

For too long, people who care for others, tend to the wellness of people and planet, choose to do good work in the world that creates a better reality have done more with less.

That gap has widened over the decades. If we keep filling the gaps with our care, life force, and resources without the support and resources we need to be sustained, our light will burn out instead of having the juice to stay brilliant for many years to come.

But how do we continue to meet the needs of the people and causes we care for, lead, guide and support... while our relational, organizational and societal systems are breaking down, adding more pressure and polarizing... and stay sustained ourselves in the intensity?

We illuminate the systemic and self created patterns that keep us stuck in unsustainable realities. And then tap into a deeper WISDOM that empowers us to see things & do things differently.

Without new language, models, elevated perspectives + space to practice and trust doing things differently, we stay stuck in the current overwhelming, burnout reality or make it just a little better.

When we have access to more wisdom vs just more life hacks for self care and time management, we become empowered to use our voices and choices to create realities for ourselves, those we love & lead, our organizations and teams, and this world that are rooted in sustainability, wellness, connection and prospering for people and planet.

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