You're invited to be part of a sisterhood of women taking a stand this October for a different way of working, living and succeeding. One that actually supports humans and this planet to thrive, not just survive... join me for the Overwhelmed & Over It Book Release.
September We Read for Ourselves. October We Share with the World.

Dear One...I am gathering a group of 133 women this September and October, that I call the "Harmonic Defiance Alliance." You are invited.

Our collective action: To make this book of feminine wisdom as visible to as many women as possible - so they can see the systemic roots and the unconscious internal imprints that are burning women out, making us sick, and fragmented. These roots and imprints are also making it too hard to achieve our dreams, make a difference, sustain ourselves and our families AND have space to breathe. We cannot change what we cannot see. When we see the root causes of this unsustainable way of working and living, AND gain access to deeper wisdom, we become empowered to create lasting transformational change in our lives.

I am asking for your support, to do this with me in sisterhood. Because the time of the lone wolf and invincible super woman is over. And I want every woman to feel supported, like it's not all on her... which means I need to allow myself to be supported in the release of this book... which honestly is a stretch for me.

If this speaks to you, I'd love to open this portal of feminine wisdom and power with you. Here's how:

  • One: Pre-order the book on Amazon here for USA . Or using the country links in the section below for Canada or UK. For all other countries, order from Book Depository. This makes you a verified reader. Save your purchase/receipt/order number and then...
  • Two: Apply for and Join our Harmonic Defiance Alliance by filling out the form below, so we know where to send the advanced book copy + share when to post the review + invite you to the special Alliance gatherings.
  • Three: Read below for more details + special gathering and gift I'd like to offer you as a thank you,
  • Four: Mark Oct 6th on your calendar, book release!. And we'll let you know when to post review.
Yes! I commit to being part of the Harmonic Defiance Alliance for the Book Release

"We need to elevate the conversation beyond being more “productive” and “mindful” and getting more sleep and self-care, just so we can get more done.

We are not machines, we are human beings.

- Christine Arylo

STEP TWO: Say YES! to Super Powering this Book Release
with 188 women like you who will act as a Harmonic Defiance Alliance.

What is Harmonic Defiance

 We defy the systems and ways of working, living, leading, succeeding, relating, and doing business that don’t create sustainability, wholeness, wellness, and connection, by choosing to do things differently. In big and small ways. In the big choices in how we design and show up in our life, organization, team, and family. And in small ways that may seem insignificant but are more significant than we know.”

When you sign up, we'll ask you to confirm your email address and your snail mail address.
So we can send you the advanced copy of the book via PDF
+ the invitations to the special Alliance Gathering on Oct 6th + a special THANK YOU from Christine
+ the dates for when to do your authentic review.

STEP 4: OCTOBER- We each put our voice into the world, saying NO MORE to the way society keeps demanding we do more with less. YOU by leaving a Review. ME by hosting a book release event that activates this wisdom and fierce stand into the world.

And as a THANK YOU TO YOU ... I have some extra support and sisterhood I'd love to share with and give to you

In October, you commit to posting an authentic review on Amazon and Goodreads. My publisher New World Library will reach out to you and let you know a SPECIFIC WEEK for you to post - so we don't overrun Amazon ! (although that is a thought :)

Then on October 6th - the Book Release Date - you SAVE THE DATE, for special THANK YOU, from my heart to yours.

1. Special Harmonic Defiance Alliance Gathering - An Inner Council of Courageous Wise Women Oct 6th, at 4:30pm PT we will be hosting a book release activation and celebration for the world anyone can come to. I’d like to spend some time in sacred space, connecting heart to heart, with YOU before hand – at 3:30 PM PT.

2.     Invitation to stay connected with the “Harmonic Defiance Alliance”a new sisterhood of beings creating change by doing things differently I’ve been wanting to gather. This will be on a new online platform. Where I can leave you specific messages, share wisdom, and you can share and connect with others, at a high vibration.

3.     Feminine Wisdom Heart Art – a piece from my personal collection, from my heart to yours! To keep you harmonized, tuned in, and feeling supported so you can making choices that keep you true to yourself. This heart art is not yet published for the public. Mailed to you if you are in the US/Canada. Or sent via PDF for you to print.


Click here to Pre-Order the Book 

Most of all I want to thank you for WHO YOU ARE in this world.

Together, we can and are changing this world.
One heart at a time by the choices we make.

Starting with our own.

We are that powerful.

You are that powerful.

Thank you for trusting me to be part of your support and soaring team …
together we are re-imaging and re-designing what success and sustainability look like…
what it means to be a strong woman or girl... what a society who values wholeness is...
so we can savor this planet and the people in it, achieve our dreams and breathe.


With Great Heart,

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