An interactive, expansive experience all about creating new kinds of relationships in our lives and on the planet.

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We are created this experience as a gift for the conscious women of the world.
Those of you who are making an impact in the world.
Have done much "work" on the inside to return to your wholeness.
And now desire to have more soulful and mutually supportive relationships.

Personally and professionally.

In which you stay self-empowered and true to yourself AND
create relationships in which the connection supports you both to thrive.

Our intention is to create a collective field that gives every woman:

ILLUMINATION: Find language for and reveal what still might be blocking you from fully RECEIVING the connection the mutually-balanced relationships you desire and know are possible.

INSIGHT: Insight about the collective dynamics happening right now in relationships & how to navigate them in powerful, graceful and healthy ways - especially in the realm of life partnership, relationship with other women, our collaborations, how the masculine/feminine dynamics are influencing all of our relationships, and how we can work with this energy this year.

EXPANSION: Opening your inner field up to RECEIVING the connections and relationships you desire and choose to create now and going forward - using a few of our 'super power tools' such as intuitive creativity & somatic and energetic visualization to blow out the old imprints/patterns no longer needed or wanted, and bring in the new higher frequency of sacred relationship.

Sovereignty means being whole within oneself.
We don’t need another. We choose another.


Sacred means devoted to wholeness.


Put the two together and we gain the possibility to create relationships that create more wholeness on this planet, AND support us in all realms of our work and lives.