Truth & Reconciliation Week
Wisdom Session
Hosted by Christine Arylo, MBA, Wisdom-Teacher, Social Impact Entrepreneur

The Power of Feminine Presence in Leadership

An interactive and self-reflective session with Christine Arylo & Cheryl Shartle to explore two wisdom-based leadership models: The Power Spectrums and The Feminine Leadership Archetypes. Bring awareness to your personal power polarities (and experience gender equity from the inside out.) Bring language to how you already embody feminine presence in how you make choices and lead, so you can guide others to value these too. Explore how to practically marry masculine and feminine power to access elevated levels of working, creating & relating that lead us to new models for creating societies, cultures, & organizations rooted in wholeness, sustainability and equity.

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"Inside each person resides a full gender spectrum – a range of feminine and masculine based power and presence - that when articulated and actualized, gives us access to an elevated level of leadership that by nature creates equality, sustainability and inclusion. We create on the outside what we ourselves embody, value and trust on the inside."

- Christine Arylo, Facilitator for this Session
Founder of Expanding Possibility & the Elevate Feminine Leadership Councils
MBA, Best-Selling Author & Wisdom Teacher

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Session Co-Facilitated by Cheryl Shartle,
co-founder of Elevate Feminine Leadership Councils

Cheryl has served as Co-owner and Vice President of Human Resources for Columbiana Foods, a privately held multi-store grocery corporation, for over 30 years. During her tenure, she has led a team of 300-plus employees compassionately through myriad corporate evolutions related to increasing their collective diversity and inclusion.

She serves as a system elevator, and delights in fostering harmony between a heart-centered approach to leadership and decision making, alongside the traditional choices currently expected in corporate culture.