An interactive workshop for conscious
women who desire & dare to live, lead & succeed differently.

3 models + 3 practices + 3 acts of harmonic defiance
for releasing ways of working that burn us out + embracing new ways that have the power to create sustainable success, wellness + a life we can savor.


Hosted by Christine Arylo
Leadership Advisor, MBA, Best Selling Author & Wisdom Teacher 

My intention is that you gain practical wisdom & insight that supports you to make more self-sustaining, self-empowered, wise choices professionally & personally.

In this Wisdom Session, we explore models, wisdom, and practices that illuminate new ways of thinking
+ show you the places you have the power to make simple but significant shift.

Consider what would be possible if moving forward you had the practical wisdom, internal power and self-advocacy to ...

  • Stop fitting into systems & ways of working, succeeding and managing full lives not made for women or by women, or for how humans actually thrive. And instead you had access to wisdom, language, models and the support of other conscious women to do things differently.
  • Stop filling all the gaps and giving 110% to everything & everyone? And felt like you could pull back, give less, without guilt, and create more space for what you both need and desire.
  • Spot false urgency, unrealistic expectations & toxic time pressure set by yourself and others. And instead created healthy time pressure & spans that supported vs. stressed you and others out.
  • Say NO MORE to doing more with less, taking more on, and sacrificing your wellness for your work, family or mission/purpose. And instead learned how to access your "super powers" to reset expectations with family, friends, work, your team, and yourself + create a path of sustainable success.  

These "wisdom-led leadership" principles and practices are some of what we talk about and explore.

They are wisdom + practices that empower us to WORK WISE + LIVE WELL. They are the HOW we get relief from the burnout, overwork, anxiety, and overwhelm. How we stop ourselves and the organizations we work in or run ourselves from accepting the grind, the push, the hustle as the norm.

Without new language, models, elevated perspectives + space to practice and trust doing things differently, we stay stuck in our current reality or make it just a little better.

As we start to tap into true WISDOM, we become empowered to use our voices and choices to create realities for ourselves, those we love & lead, our organizations and teams, and this world that are rooted in sustainability, wellness, connection and prospering for people and planet.

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